Date Title
2011-07-20 Decision: RMIC's appeal on bill collection services for CHC denied
2011-07-15 Report on PSS's FY 2010 financial statements, internal controls and compliance
2011-05-26 Report on MPLT's FY 2010 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2011-04-29 Report on CNMI's oversight of ARRA funds
2011-04-27 Decision: PSS did not err in awarding RFP 10-088 to PacStar
2011-04-25 Report on CUC's FY 2010 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2011-04-25 Report on CUC's FY 2009 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2011-03-23 Audit of Travel Practices at CPA
2011-01-27 Report on CDA's FY 2009 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2011-01-27 Report on NMHC's FY 2009 financial statements, internal controls and compliance
2011-01-20 Report on CNMI Agencies' Implementation of Audit Recommendations as of June 30, 2010
2010-11-29 Decision: OPA upholds PSS rejection of Hong Electric's bid as non-responsive
2010-09-16 Report on CPA's FY 2009 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2010-09-15 OPA issues Ethics Opinion 10-01
2010-09-08 Decision: GPPC request for reconsideration on Puerto Rico Dump closure
2010-08-26 Report on NMIRF's FY 2009 financial statements, internal controls and compliance
2010-08-25 OPA releases 2009 Annual Report
2010-08-18 2009 PSS Single Audit discloses material control weaknesses
2010-08-12 Decision: OPA cancels solicitation for final closure of Puerto Rico Dump
2010-08-02 NMC FY 2009 Audit shows net operating loss of $4.52 million
2010-07-23 CNMI General Fund deficit increases 17.4% to $300.8M
2010-07-01 MPLT FY 2009 Audit shows increase in assets by $3.6 million
2010-06-30 Delinquent recommendations decreased by 29% in 2009
2010-06-01 MVA's 2009 financial audit results in unqualified opinion
2010-05-02 Report on CUC's FY 2008 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2010-05-01 Report on CUC's FY 2007 financial statements, internal control and compliance
2010-03-09 Tobacco Control Fund used as reserve for General Fund
2010-01-15 Potential recovery of $2.6 million referred to the AGO for legal action
2009-11-18 P&S Director's decision to deny GPPC's protest affirmed
2009-10-28 Audit shows increased private sector support to MVA's efforts in 2008
2009-10-28 Audit indicates fuel price increase affected CUC in 2005 & 2006
2009-10-19 CGECU audit shows increased net deficiency in 2008
2009-07-01 MPLT FY 2008 Audit: Assets decreased by $6.16 million
2009-06-15 CNMI deficit increases 51.9% to $120.3 million in 2008
2009-05-11 P&S Director's decision on Cross Island Road Project RFP affirmed
2009-03-11 Previous decision on untimely filing by IBSS upheld
2009-02-10 IBSS appeal on NMC RFP for copiers denied due to untimely protest
2008-07-22 Telesource appeal on CUC RFP denied in part, granted in part
2008-07-15 P&S Director's decision upheld in RMIC's appeal regarding non-responsibility finding
2008-07-14 CNMI FY 2007 financial audit showed unreserved fund deficit of $218.2 million
2008-07-02 OPA Denies Appeal Regarding PSS Food Service Contracts
2008-06-25 MPLT FY 2007 Financial Audit showed 12.2% growth in total assets
2008-05-01 OPA Peer Review Report for the period Oct. 1, 2004 to Sept. 30, 2007
2008-04-07 Review showed SHEFA did not operate in a fiscally prudent manner
2008-02-15 OPA Dismisses Untimely Appeal by Bolis-R-Us Catering
2008-01-30 OPA 2007 Annual Report delivered to Governor, Legislature
2007-12-28 Delinquent recommendations slightly increased as of June 30, 2007
2007-10-02 Review of Collection and Use of Managaha Landing and User Fees released
2007-08-22 PSS FY 2006 Financial Audit showed a positive increase in total net assets
2007-08-20 NMC FY 2006 financial audit showed less Federal Grant received
2007-08-09 MPLT FY 2006 Audit shows slight decrease of $196K in combined assests
2007-08-09 CGECU FY 2004 Financial Audit net assets are negative
2007-07-25 CNMI General Fund revenues and expenditures simultaneously decreased in FY 2006
2007-07-20 Appeal filed by Telesource leads to cancellation of CUC RFP 07-001
2007-07-03 MVA deficit reaches $499K despite revenue increases in FY 06
2007-04-02 OPA denies appeal to cancel procurement of 7,000 water meters
Audit tracking report shows 16 of 79 recommendations closed
2006-11-23 Audit: MPLT assets increased to $68.9 million in FY 2005
2006-10-31 NMIRF FY 2005 audit shows an increase of 60 million in Plan Net Assets
2006-08-29 Audit reveals CDA expenses exceeded revenues by $891,000 in FY05
2006-06-29 Audit tracking report shows 46 delinquent audit recommendations
2006-06-14 Decision: One-Call's appeal on PSS solicitation for cleaning services for Kagman and Southern HS
2006-06-01 OPA Affirms Denial of DK Brothers' Procurement Pro
2006-05-08 Audit shows CNMI's cumulative deficit grew to $153 million
2006-03-28 PSS cuts instructional expenses as highlighted in the FY 2004 audit
2006-03-14 FY2004 audit reveals NMIRF's unfunded pension liability of $516.9 million
2006-01-25 Decision: IBSS appeal on NMHC's procurement of copier machine
2005-12-29 FY 2004 audit shows 51.39% of NMC total revenue came from appropriations
2005-12-02 OPA 2003-2004 Annual Report: Acccountability is everybody's business
2005-10-27 Decision: Kautz Glass appeal from denial of its protest on PSS IFB-05-044
2005-09-21 OPA finds inadequate evidence controls at DPS
2005-08-12 Marianas Hawaii Liaison Office found non-compliant with CNMI laws and regulations
2005-06-30 Fifteen recommendations closed as of December 31, 2004
2005-06-06 DOL fails to collect nonresident worker fees totaling $512K
2005-06-05 CNMI Single Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2003
2005-05-16 BP-A041/BP-A042: OPA dismisses two appeals filed by Fabriclean
2005-03-03 Concerns raised on security of government funds in banks and financial institutions
2005-02-21 Pacific Auditors Give OPA Highest Possible Rating
2004-12-28 Agencies' actions led to closure of nine OPA recommendations
2004-11-03 Calvo's appeal regarding bid for NAP Issuance Agent denied
2004-09-08 Delinquent recommendation decreased by 43% as of December 31, 2003
2004-08-26 CNMI deficit totaled $80,921,000 in FY 2002
2004-08-05 OPA finds J&A Enterprises protest timely
2004-04-23 OPA affirms Executive Director's decision not to award contract to Solid Builders
2003-12-12 OPA denies SK Shipping's appeal regarding CUC-RFP- 03-015
2003-12-01 OPA closed 25 recommendations for the first six months of 2003
2003-10-13 OPA affirms Director's decision not to award the contract to RNV
2003-10-08 Public Auditor denies Fabriclean appeal
2003-08-19 Hiring of nurses through manpower agencies less expensive but presents other problems
2003-08-06 Senators' $5,000 monthly subsistence allowance violates public purpose
2003-05-30 Agencies' actions led to closure of 44 OPA recommendations
2003-05-23 Public Auditor denies Case De Felipe appeal regarding manpower services
2003-03-10 Inadequate controls over AGIU confidential informant cash funds
2003-02-19 Facts and circumstances surrounding the termination of employees of NMC
2003-01-22 Audit of Premium Pay, Overtime, and Salary Increases
2003-01-15 Commonwealth Utilities Corporation - Audit of Personnel Hiring
2002-02-15 CNMI Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ended September 30, 2000
2002-12-17 OPA denies the appeal filed by Global Access Staffing Services
2002-12-17 OPA grants appeal filed by DB Healthcare Inc.
2002-10-07 Compilation Report on the Procurement of Proposed 80/60 MW Power Plant Project
2002-09-20 CDA Audit of Loans Receivable as of September 30, 2001
2002-09-11 Audit of Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission Travel Transactions
2002-08-27 Audit shows CUC did not consistently comply with its Procurement Regulations
2002-08-25 CNMI Single Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2001
2002-08-19 NMIRF investigative report on the Hawaii Pacific Medical Referral Contract
2002-07-24 OPA grants appeal filed by SSFM (Saipan), Inc. based on timeliness of filing protest
2002-07-08 OPA denies the appeal in part filed by Maritech
2002-07-08 OPA denies appeal in part filed by Maritech regarding computer maintenance services
2002-06-10 Compilation Report on A&E Services for Saipan Beach Road Sewer System
2002-05-16 OPA closed 87 recommendations due to agencies' actions
2002-05-10 Compilation Report - DPS's Confidential Informant Funds for FY 2000 and 2001
2002-04-29 Kagman Elementary School Project
2002-04-25 Personnel Salaries in excess of statutory salary caps
2002-04-10 Law Revision Commission reprogramming authority and actions
2002-04-03 Government deposits in banks and financial institutions survey letter
2001-12-17 OPA denies the appeal filed by HRPC
2001-12-05 Fifty-eight recommedations were closed between January and June 2001
2001-11-30 Audit shows DPS's Confidential Informant Fund and Prostitution Fund was not properly managed
2001-11-28 OPA denies request for reconsideration of decision filed by P&S
2001-11-23 Audit shows CUC did not comply with the statutory requirements that Board members travel
2001-11-13 OPA receives highest peer review rating
2001-11-09 OPA grants the appeal in part filed by WEI/DRC
2001-10-09 OPA denies appeal filed by IBSS regarding procurement of copier
2001-09-01 Survey shows CNMI-Contracted Lobbyist Activities may have been overpaid
2001-08-15 Audit shows contractor overcharged NMIRF for professional services
2001-08-15 Audit of Government Revenues from CNMI Lottery Operations for FY 1999 4th Quarter
2001-08-15 OPA issues testimony concerning the procurement process in the CNMI
2001-08-08 NMIRF overpaid travelers by $42,776
2001-08-01 1999 Liberation Day Committee lacked sound operating and accounting procedures
2001-05-09 Robles is OPA's 2000-2001 Employee of the Year
2001-05-03 CNMI purchased the Challenger without authorized funding
2001-04-25 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 3rd Quarter of FY1999
2001-03-22 Audit of DLNR agreement with MRC for operating the Outer Cove Marina
2001-02-07 OPA staffer passes US CPA exams
2001-02-05 OPA dismisses appeals regarding CUC RFP# 97-0025
2001-01-30 Audit of health insurance payments to Megaplus for physical therapy services
2001-01-25 Decision: IBSS appeal on CUC procurement of copiers
2001-01-25 Decision: Aldan's appeal on CNMI NAP solicitation for issuance agents protest
2000-12-21 Michael S. Sablan is new CNMI Public Auditor
2000-12-14 Audit of the Marianas High School Food Court Covering School Year 1998-1999
2000-12-13 Audit of alleged coercive actions taken against employees of Rota Mayor's Office
2000-11-22 Audit of DPL's collection of rentals on land leases with quarries from 1990 to 1995
2000-09-18 Audit of Government Revenues from CNMI Lottery Operations for 2nd Quarter of FY 1999
2000-08-30 Audit of Property and Equipment at Hopwood Junior High School- February to June 1999
2000-08-25 BP-A022.1: Sen Mauleg's request to reconsider decision on DPH procurement
2000-08-07 OPA staffer gets high marks in US CPA exam
2000-07-20 Compensatory Time Claimed and Retirement Benefits Paid to Two Former CPA Officials
2000-07-12 BP-A022: Sen Mauleg's appeal on DPH's procurement of outside ground maintenance services
2000-07-10 Procurement and Costs of Renovating CDA's Leased Building
2000-06-20 Audit of Gov't Revenues from CNMI Lottery Operations for 1st Qtr FY 1999
2000-06-13 Audit of the Northern Marianas College's Collections and Deposits from July to November 1999
2000-06-13 BP-A021.1: Request for reconsideration of decision in MVA's security service procurement
2000-06-07 Audit of 2 DFW employees' time and attendance and DFW's administration of Pacific Islands Education Initiative
2000-06-05 BP-A020.1: Request for reconsideration of decision on Saipan anti-skid overlay project
2000-05-15 OPA Annual Report for 1999
2000-05-03 Report on CNMI Agencies' Implementation of Audit Recommendations as of December 1999
2000-04-13 Audit of Land Survey Contract for the Tinian Road Resurfacing Project in FY 1997
2000-04-04 BP-A021: Appeal of All-Around Security Inc. in procurement of security services for MVA
2000-03-22 Audit of Gov't Revenues from CNMI Lottery Operations for 4th Qtr FY 1998
2000-03-14 Audit of double payments of 1995 Corporate Tax rebates to 11 taxpayers
2000-02-29 HRPC's protest concerning Saipan Highway Anti-Skid Overlay Project denied
1999-11-16 Follow-up audit clears earlier findings on KBC building lease
1999-11-02 CNMI government may not be receiving all revenues due from lottery operators
1999-10-29 $10 million sole-sourced contracts procured in violation of CNMI regulations
1999-10-26 DCCA Office of Aging's resources misused
1999-09-21 Allegations against former EMO Technician unfounded
1999-09-10 SCCL's appeal on award of NMC building contract to Telesource denied
1999-08-18 Audit of DPH's Granting of Unequal Salaries to Social Worker Employees
1999-07-13 P&S Director's decision on Marianas Marine's appeal upheld
1999-05-24 OPA denies SSFM Engineers appeal
1999-05-11 CNMI Lottery revenues for FY 98 2nd quarter understated
1999-04-07 Gaming Commission's consulting contract with Rasa invalid
1999-03-31 CNMI Lottery revenues for 1st Quarter FY 1998 understated
1999-03-29 WRO's accounting controls, administration and management practices deficient
1999-03-29 Use of indirect cost funds to pay for salary raise of former PSS Chief OK
1999-01-27 SMO timekeeping policies and procedures found deficient
1999-01-06 Transfer of agricultural homestead lot inappropriate
1999-01-05 $21K of WSR School and Golden Jubilee Funds mishandled
1998-12-23 Follow-up audit: MHS student funds records still inadequate
1998-12-14 Former Secretary of Finance misused public funds
Former Saipan municipal council officials ignored findings on improper purchase of air conditioners
1998-10-30 Request for reconsideration on MHS 118 air conditioners denied
1998-10-29 Saipan 80MW power plant: OPA denies CUC's request to amend earlier decisions
1998-09-24 Audit finds inequities in employee salaries at CPA Rota branch
1998-09-22 Saipan 80MW power plant: OPA denies CUC's request for reconsideration
1998-09-16 Rota Mayor's Office exceeded FTE ceiling
1998-09-16 Audit of CNMI lottery operations for FY 1997 4th Quarter
1998-08-27 Deficiencies found in timekeeping procedures at DPH-MMD
1998-08-25 Former Revenue and Taxation cashier misappropriated cash collections
1998-08-18 Former Acting AG contracted in spite of budget deficit, then overpaid
1998-08-05 DOF Financial Analyst abuses government time
1998-07-20 OPA reaffirms earlier decision on Tinian Power Plant appeal
1998-07-13 MVA's procurement of promo and ads services violated regs
1998-07-07 Medical Referral Office's reconciliation of Straub's claims fairly accurate
1998-06-24 Audit finds abuses in Government employees' time and attendance
1998-06-19 CUC's determination of competitive proposers not in compliance with regs
1998-06-09 PMIC's appeal on Tinian power plant project denied
1998-05-26 Widespread abuse of government vehicles
1998-05-18 OPA allows MHS to keep air conditioners, recommends disciplinary actions
1998-05-08 1997 Report: Procurement audit and investigation a priority
1998-05-05 Tesorero is OPA's 1997 Employee of the Year
1998-04-15 CNMI Public Auditor named Financial Manager of the Year
1998-04-06 Audit of Department of Public Works Granting Extensive Administrative Leave to a Former Employee
1998-03-31 BP-A014: Torres Refrigeration's appeal on PSS' procurement of 118 aircon units
1998-03-11 BP-A013: Joeten Motors' appeal of CNMI Judiciary's purchase of 12 mini vans
1998-02-26 BP-A012: Carrier's appeal of PSS' procurement of 118 aircon units under IFB 97-0019
1998-02-17 Audit and Investigation of Misuse of a Government Vehicle of the Commonwealth Ports Authority
1998-02-12 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 3rd Quarter of Fiscal Year 1997
1998-01-15 Audit of Marianas High School Gymnasium Contract
1998-01-07 Audit of Overtime Claims of a Public School System Administrative Officer
1997-12-12 Lack of fiscal control in food service operations at EMO during emergency detonation of unexploded depth charges in Rota
1997-12-01 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 2nd Quarter of Fiscal Year 1997
1997-11-19 BP-A011: M.V. Reyes Catering's appeal of Commisioner's adverse decision on PSS RFP 97-005
1997-09-19 BP-A010: Mariana Pacific's appeal on the denial by P&S Director of its protest pertaining to DPW96-RFP-015
1997-08-22 BP-A009: JWS appeal from Commissioner's denial of its protest pertaining to PSS IFB 97-005
1997-08-12 Audit and Investigation of procurement of professional services from MBG Management Services
1997-07-21 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year 1997
1997-06-17 Audit and investigation of improper procurement and payment for renovation of DOLI detention center
1997-06-05 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 4th Quarter of Fiscal Year 1996
1997-06-03 Audit and investigation of misuse of funds and resources of Developmental Disabilities Council as of July 1996
1997-05-29 Audit of Compliance with Authorized Number of FTE Positions by Executive Branch
1997-05-08 Investigation of Reported Missing Equipment of the Office of Aging
1997-04-23 Rota Health Center Director's Claims Against the Rota Health Center
1997-04-10 BP-A008: PSA's appeal from denial of its protest by P&S Director pertaining to DPW96-RFP-007
1997-04-04 BP-A007: MPI's appeal from failure of P&S Director to decide on its protest pertaining to DPW96-RFP-015
1997-03-20 Audit of CNMI Government Executive Branch's Professional Services Contracts from October 1991 to July 1995
1997-03-12 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 3rd Quarter of Fiscal Year 1996
1997-03-10 Audit of travel of former Recreational Therapist/ Adaptive Physical Education Specialist
1997-02-28 Audit of compliance with the Compensation Adjustments Act (Government Salary Ceiling)
1997-02-26 Audit of Expenditures of the Marianas/Hawaii Liaison Office
1997-02-24 Audit of CNMI Lottery Operations for 2nd Quarter of Fiscal Year 1996
1997-02-06 Audit and Investigation of Missing Funds at the Commonwealth Health Center
1997-01-23 Audit and Investigation of Missing Collections for the ManAmko Fundraising Project
1997-01-08 BP-A005: Atalig's appeal from denial of his protest by Commissioner of Education pertaining to PSS RFP 96-004
1996-12-23 Audit and Investigation of Funds Misappropriated by the Treasurer of the CNMI Law Enforcement Week Committee
1996-10-16 Cost Savings and Other Aspects of the Privatization of the Laboratory Operations of CHC
1996-07-08 Review of Procurement of Computers, Printers and Accessories by Office of Personnel Management
1996-02-26 Audit of CUC-Rota's Collections on December 18,1995